Extra Life Charity Kick Off feat. Super Smash Bros. Melee, Ultra Street Fighter IV Streaming Live from San Francisco, California


Earlier today, the folks behind Northern California competitive gaming organization ShowDown, along with Humble Bundle, launched a 24-hour charity event known as Extra Life Kick Off. While tonight would normally see Street Fighter players take over Folsom Street Foundry in San Francisco, California for Churning the Butter, all kinds of video game fans will be coming together to raise money for a brand new charity that aims to help local children through the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

In addition to Ultra Street Fighter IV, the event will also feature competition in Super Smash Bros. Melee, which just went live a little while ago. Be sure to tune in live below to show your support or head on over to Twitch if you prefer to chat.

More information on Extra Life Kick Off can be found here.

Watch live video from showdowngg on www.twitch.tv

Want to check these tournaments out for yourself? Well, you’re in luck, because even if you missed out this week, Churning the Butter is held every Thursday at 8 PM PDT during ShowDown’s game night at Folsom Street Foundry. The group also plans to eventually get a ranbat series off the ground at the same venue, so stay tuned for more.

Source: ShowDown

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VIDEO: Live-Action CMs for Latest “Crayon Shin-chan” Film’s DVD/Blu-ray

To promote the upcoming release of the DVD/Blu-ray disc of Crayon Shin-chan: Serious Battle! Robot Dad Strikes Back, Bandai Visual has posted four live-action CMs featuring 50-year-old Keiji Fujiwara, who voices Shinnosuke's farther Hiroshi Nohara in the anime series. The 22nd feature film of the long-running anime franchise was released in Japan on April 19, 2014. It earned 1.82 billion yen in its total domestic run becoming the third most successful Crayon Shin-chan anime film. The DVD/Blu-ray disc is scheduled to be released in Japan on November 7.


As an anime voice actor, Fujiwara is also famous for his portrayal as Volcott O. Huey in the Galaxy Angel series, Maes Hughes in the Fullmetal Alchemist series, and the narrator for the Sgt Keroro series.



"There is a time when a man feels lonely"



"There is a time when a man needs to fight"



"There is a time when a man wants to cry"



"Adult's enjoyment"



Anime CM for the DVD/Blu-ray


via: Otasuke


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Naruto Creator Makes New Character for The Last -Naruto the Movie-

"Handsome young man" teased with link to original manga by Masashi Kishimoto
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Nogizaka46′s Yumi Wakatsuki Stars in “Vampire Knight” Musical

The visuals of the main characters for the upcoming musical adaptation of Matsuri Hino's Vampire Knight manga series are revealed to the Japanese media today. 20-year-old Yumi Wakatsuki, who is known as a member of Japanese female idol group Nogizaka46, plays the protagonist Yuki Cross. It will be her third stage play appearance following 2LDK in October 2013 and the currently-playing Ikiterumono wa Inainoka (October 16-26, 2014). 


The musical is produced by Nelke Planning, which has worked on many stage play adaptations based on popular manga series such as The Prince of Tennis and Black Butler, and is scheduled to be performed at Hakuhinkan Theater in Tokyo from January 21 to 25, 2015.



The cast list:


Yuki Cross: Yumi Wakatsuki

Kaname Kuran: AKIRA

Zero Kiryu: Root

Hanabusa Aido: Chiaki Kyan

Takuma Ichijo: Lyra Amato

Akatsuki Kain: oni

Senri Shiki: Ai Matsumoto

Maria Kurenai: Karin Ogino

Kaien Cross: Michie Kakimaru

Shizuka Hio: Mai Watanabe

Main visual



Yumi Wakatsuki as Yuki Cross



AKIRA as Kaname Kuran



Root as Zero Kiryu



Main cast



via: Comic Natalie


© Matsuri Hino/Hakusensha


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Maria Holic Cross-Dressing Manga to End in November

Minari Endo's 8-year-long romantic comedy inspired 2 TV anime
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The Runback 2014 4.1 feat. UMvC3, Killer Instinct, Yatagarasu, P4U2, UNIEL, and PSASBR Streaming Live from Super Arcade


Level|Up Series returns tonight with the opening installment of The Runback’s fourth 2014 season, broadcasting from Super Arcade in Walnut, California. Much like previous events, some of SoCal’s best will be coming together to compete in returning titles Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Killer Instinct, Yatagarasu Attack on Cataclysm, Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late, and PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, so be sure to tune in early and catch as much of the action as possible.

To honor the memory of Terrance “PushaTee88″ Moore, tonight’s broadcast will be devoted entirely to Killer Instinct. Full brackets for each game will be made available through Challonge.

If you live in the area, why not head over to Super Arcade and check it out in person? These are weekly tournaments, so even if you missed out tonight you can still check it out next time. We’ve included the venue’s address below for those of you who may be interested.

1211 N Grand Avenue
Walnut, CA 91789

Level|Up Live

Watch live video from Level|Up Live on www.twitch.tv

Super Dojo

Watch live video from SuperDojo on www.twitch.tv

Sources: Level|Up Live, Super Dojo

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VIDEO: Voice Actor Daisuke Ono’s 7th Single “Mission D” PV

Lantis has posted a 90-second promotional video for popular voice actor Daisuke Ono's upcoming 7th single "Mission D," which is scheduled to be released in Japan on November 19. It is his first solo single in two years since the 6th "Lunar Maria" released in September 2012. The song is composed/arranged by Miki Watanebe who is famous for her works for Johnny & Associates' boys idol groups such as SMAP, TOKIO, and V6.  


As an anime voice actor, Ono is now voicing Kokkuri-san in Gugure! Kokkuri-san and Keiji Onizuka in Terraformars. And his portray as Prince Zeek in the currently-showing HappinessCharge PreCure! Ningyou no Kuni no Ballerina film is highly acclaimed by the fans, though it has performed poorly in the box office.



"Mission D" 90-second PV



Daisuke Ono profile photo © Mausu Promotion



6th single "Lunar Maria" PV


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Creepy Anime Face Masks Are the Best Costume Idea This Halloween

Come the last day of the month, the streets will be crawling with creepy ghosts and terrifying zombies. But there's one costume idea that's more disturbing...
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Dead or Alive 5 Last Round Heading to North America on February 17, Team NINJA’s Tom Lee Previews Returning Stages

In addition to the promise of two new characters, Team NINJA will be adding a couple of old-school Dead or Alive stages in the upcoming Dead or Alive 5 Last Round. Crimson from Dead or Alive 2 takes us back to the back-alleys of Chinatown while the original Dead or Alive’s Danger Zone reminds us what it’s like to have to tread lightly.

Team NINJA Creative Director Tom Lee recently caught up with GameStop to talk about these new stages and provide a preview of how they’ll look in the more modern game. Lee also mentions that game will launch for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 in North American on February 17, two days ahead of Japan, and that they plan to continue their support of the title with more content post-release.

Last Round’s price has been set at $29.99 for older consoles and $39.99 for their shiny new counterparts.

GameSpot also shared raw gameplay footage in the aforementioned classic stages.

Source: GameSpot

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Capcom Pulling Inspiration from Street Fighter III, Street Fighter Alpha for Ultra Street Fighter IV’s Omega Mode


While we’ve been given bits and pieces of information about the new tools Ultra Street Fighter IV’s cast will have in Omega Mode since it was first announced, Capcom-Unity just went live with their very first official breakdown of the changes it will include, straight from producer Tomoaki Ayano. In a rather appropriate move, his opening roundup covers Street Fighter II’s original world warriors: Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, E. Honda, Blanka, Zangief, Guile, and Dhalsim.

Some of the more interesting updates include a Street Fighter III-style parry for Ryu, moves for E. Honda that better represent his sumo roots, Zangief’s jumping headbutt from the Alpha series, and much more.

Ayano also says that, due to Omega Mode’s unique nature, mechanics like Red Focus and Ultra Combo Double will not be available.

You’ll find the producer’s full breakdown below; more details are planned to drop next week, so stay tuned.


Hanagashi: Forward + HP + HK to activate damage-nullifying armor.

Some of you will get it just by looking at the screenshot, but this is pretty close to the parry system from SFIII.


While the move is active and after absorbing an attack, Ryu can use EX meter to deliver a follow-up strike. This gives him another form of defense in addition to the Focus Attack and is sure to completely change up his footsie approach!

Ryu also has new target combos and has gained both offensive and defensive options.

My inspiration: I guess you could say we wanted a showcase of Ryu’s moves from all of the SF games that have been released up until now.


Shippu Jinraikyaku: Use two bars of EX meter for a powerful multi-hit move.

usfiv-omega-ken-1 usfiv-omega-ken-2

You can combo into this move for big damage. This is sure to make Ken players think more carefully about meter management!


The Reppu Hadoken also got a lot of buzz at TGS. In Omega we really wanted to emphasize Ken’s kicks, so he also has a few new kick moves too.

My inspiration: Ken with his hands tied behind his back.


Houyoku-Sen: Use two bars of EX meter for a multi-hit move.

usfiv-omega-chunli-1 usfiv-omega-chunli-2

This SFIII move is back! It’s an interesting move and there are lots of different ways to land it.

Other changes: Chun-Li’s Kikoken has been changed from a charge move to a command move to make it easier for her to press forward. She also has Hakkei to nullify other players’ projectiles!

Many of her command normals and specials have been greatly changed from SFIV, making her a character who can really hit those hard-to-reach places.

My inspiration: I wanted a strong female character who can really apply the pressure.

E. Honda

Zuri Fugaku

usfiv-omega-ehonda-1 usfiv-omega-ehonda-2

You know, Honda is a sumo wrestler…but it’s easy to forget that since, except for his Hundred Hand Slap move, his moves aren’t particularly sumo-like. In SF we’re calling this Zuri Fugaku, but in sumo it’s known as “Yorikiri,” the act of pushing someone out of the ring by their belt. Honda starts off low and attacks the opponent twice on different levels, while the EX version adds a third attack. It’s extremely powerful, but also leaves him fairly exposed.


Speaking of sumo, you gotta have the salt throw, right? The Salt Toss doesn’t do a whole lot of damage, but what happens if you get a KO with it…?

These changes give Honda’s versatility a big boost. In the playtests a lot of people felt like he was now qualified to take on the title of the world’s strongest. Honda top tier? Heh heh.

My inspiration: going back to Honda’s sumo roots.


Ever since SFII, Blanka’s been all about getting in there with ball attacks. In Omega we’re going to radically change that up.

Lightning Mole: Blanka charges up, disappears into the ground, and then jumps out with a charged attack!


Use it to throw off your opponent or set up a good read—there are many ways to incorporate this into your game. In addition to his aerial and grounded moves, Blanka finally gets a move that takes him underground. He’ll have a high degree of versatility that will let players develop their own playing styles.


Use two bars of EX meter to use the Lightning Grenade, an invincible hop into Lightning. Skilled players will be able to incorporate this into combos. Blanka also gains the ability to perform moves from the Coward Crouch. The first step to enjoying Blanka is to properly learn all of his moves.

My inspiration: the lightning-charged green beast.


Russian Stomping


Omega Zangief is still a grappler, so we wanted to give him moves to help set up his throws. This attack hits on different levels. Use it to drive your opponent into a corner and pressure them with the possibility of a throw! This is a command normal forward-attacking move that ‘Gief can use together with Banishing Flat to keep the opponent in your sights.

Chrome Head: Press Forward + FP for a small jumping headbutt.


Just like in the Alpha series, this is a move that moves him forward and causes low poke moves to whiff.

My inspiration: Zangief with even more cyclone (hard to imagine, I know…!).


Sonic Break: Now it’s possible to fire off more than one Sonic Boom when using the EX version! Hit two punch buttons again for a second and possibly third extra Boom, each at the cost of an additional bar of meter.

usfiv-omega-guile-1 usfiv-omega-guile-2

Talk about explosive! This is good for when you want to keep your opponent out or do some chip damage. Sort of reminds you of his good friend Charlie, doesn’t it?

Guile also gets the CPS1 Chain and Blitz Combination, moves that SF series fans may find familiar. These changes increase his versatility and put a few new tricks up his sleeves…or, er, pant legs.

My inspiration: not only is it harder to get in on him, but now he can get in on you.


Yoga Legend: Use 2 bars of EX meter for an invincible chop, a multi-hit moves that sends your opponent flying into the air!

usfiv-omega-dhalsim-1 usfiv-omega-dhalsim-2

As the name suggests, this is a move that packs quite a punch. It’s a good move to go for if you have meter to burn. You can also use the Yoga Rapture to lure your opponent in before unleashing the mid-hitting Yoga Chop. In Omega, the theme for ‘Sim is definitely “yoga”!

My inspiration: Dhalsim continuing to refine his abilities beyond mere mortal levels.

Source: Capcom-Unity

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