"Attack on Titan" Manga 13th Volume Sells 1.4 Million Copies in Its First Week

According to the Oricon weekly comic sales ranking of this week (4/15-4/21), the regular edition of the latest/13th volume of Hajime Isayama's Attack on Titan manga, which was released in Japan on April 9, sold 1,131,000 copies in its first week, while the limited edition containing OVA sold 270,000 units. The total is about 1,401,000. As reported, the volume had 2,750,000 copies for its first print run.


This is the first time for the series' regular edition tankobon to sell over 1 million copies in its first week. The first week record of the last/12th volume's regular edition was 925,000 copies, that of 11th was 764,000. It means that the series has recorded a 120% growth in recent volumes. The highest first week sales record in Japanese manga history was 2,275,000 copies by One Piece's 66th volume published in May 2012. How close Attack on Titan can reach the record?





Source: Oricon Style


(C) Hajime Isayama/Kodansha

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Solanin’s Asano to Launch Honobono no Fūfu Manga

Tentatively titled series to run in Big Comic Spirits with Boku wa Coffee ga Nomenai
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Jacket Photos for Voice Actress Unit petit milady’s 1st Album Revealed

After one year since their debut last May, petit milady, a voice actress unit consisting of Aoi Yuki and Ayana Taketatsu, will release their highly anticipated 1st album "Petitmiladear" on May 7. The 13-song album will include their 1st single "Kagami no Dual-ism/100% Cider Girl" (the former was used as Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal II OP), 2nd single "azurite" (The Pilot's Love Song OP), and five newly-recorded songs. It is scheduled to be released in Japan on May 7 in three editions. Check the jacket photos below.



"Petitmiladear: Pop de Up na Special Deluxe Edition" 5, 800 yen

  (with a DVD containing digest video footage of the event for their 2nd single in March 2014)




"Petitmiladear: Pop de Up na Special Deluxe Edition"  3,980 yen

   (with a Blu-ray disc containing three music videos)




"Petitmiladear: Regular Edition" 3,000 yen

   (CD only)



Artist photo




2nd single "azurite" short PV



1st single "Kagami no Dual-ism" TV-spot



1st single "100% Cider Girl" short PV


via: petit milady official site



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Toronto’s Anime North to Host Character Voices Mai Goto, Yumi Hara, Hidekatsu Shibata

Shibata to receive the convention's Momiji Award
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Magic Knight Rayearth’s Mokona Amusement Prizes Offered in Japan

Remember the 1990s? Furyu Corporation will start offering new prizes featuring Mokona, a rabbit-like mascot creature from CLAMP's popular fantasy manga series in the mid-1990s, Magic Knight Rayearth, to Sega's amusement facilities across Japan in the fourth week of April. The first season of the manga was serialized in Kodansha's Nakayoshi from the November issue of 1993 to February issue of 1995, then followed by the second season from the March 1995 issue to April issue of 1996. While the original Mokona appeared only in the Magic Knight Rayearth series, its imposter Mokona Modoki was featured in CLAMP's later manga Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle and xxxHolic.



"Mokona BIG stuffed doll" (30cm tall)

"Mokona Mascot" 3 types (9cm)

Mokona's anime image song "Mokona Ondo de PuPuPu no Pu" CD single jacket illustrated by CLAMP (1994)

Source: press release



©FURYU CORPORATION 2014. All Rights Reserved.

©CLAMP, ShigatsuTsuitachi CO.,LTD./Kodansha

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Sony’s Japanese Horror Game Siren Gets Manga Series

Director Toyama, writer Satō involved in "shocking" manga in Shinmimibukuro Atmos magazine
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EG|Momochi and Kindevu Face Off in Fresh Ultra Street Fighter IV Match Footage

If last night’s pre-launch stream wasn’t enough to sate your thirst for high-level Ultra Street Fighter IV play, Evil Geniuses’ Momochi and ChocoBlanka have taken to uploading a variety of matches the former played against Kindevu during their early time with the game.

Thanks to both players’ prowess with a wide variety of characters, this footage provides a great look at how a small chunk of the cast is performing in the title’s infancy stages. The fighters used here inclue Ryu, Cammy, Cody, C. Viper, Ken, and Yang. Do yourself a favor and check out their bouts below if you’re interested in this particular group.

Momochi and ChocoBlanka’s channel has been updated regularly over the past hour with new content, so follow the link below to keep an eye out for future content. We’ll do our best to make sure this article is up-to-date.

Source: Momochi & ChocoBlanka TV

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VIDEO: Trailer for "Kanon Nakagawa starring Nao Toyama 2nd Concert" BD/DVD

Universal Entertainment Japan's anime music label Ronde Robe has posted a 2-minute trailer for the upcoming DVD/Blu-ray disc of "Kanon Nakagawa starring Nao Toyama 2nd Concert Ribbon Illusion." The concert was held at Maihama Amphi Theater with 2,000 fans on February 22, 2014. The idol character was created from Tamiki Wakaki's The World God Only Knows series in 2010 and has performed in live concerts/events for the fans in reality. Her first solo concert "Ribbon Revolution" was held at Tokyo Metropolitan Hibiya Public Hall on February 12, 2012.


The 2-hour disc contains her 25 songs including "Natsuiro Surprise" (The World God Only Knows: 4 Girls and an Idol OP) and "Kanon 100%" (Magical Star Kanon 100% OP). The 8,424-yen limited edition comes with a special CD "Ribbon Combination~KANON Medley," 40-page booklet, and four photo cards. The disc is scheduled to be released in Japan on May 28.



"Kanon Nakagawa starring Nao Toyama 2nd Concert Ribbon Illusion" BD/DVD trailer




"Kanon Nakagawa starring Nao Toyama 1st Concert Ribbon Revolution" CD&Blu-ray trailer




© Tamiki Wakaki, Shogakuka/Yubiteru no Shimai

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Sentai Filmworks Licenses "Kamigami no Asobi"

Sentai Filmworks has announced the license of Kamigami no AsobiThe supernatural romance series is directed by Tomoyuki Kawamura (My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU, Good Luck Girl!) with series composition by Tomoko Kanparu (Kimi ni Todoke – From Me to You, NANA), character design by Minako Shiba (Tegami Bachi: Letter Bee, Black Butler) and animation production by Brains Base (One Week Friends, Penguindrum).

Sentai describes the series

The question of who weaves our destiny has always been shrouded in mystery. However, in a twist of fate, Yui Kusanagi discovers a mighty and mysterious sword that transports her to another world. There, this ordinary high school girl finds herself face-to-face with the mighty Greek god Zeus. As her fortune would have it, The God of Thunder has an unusual request: remain in the dimension he has created and attend a school of legendary proportions. When he’s not busy ruling the universe, Zeus acts as headmaster and dean for a school of young, somewhat misguided gods. The bond between humans and gods has weakened, and it is now up to Yui to teach the gods about love and what it means to be human. Will the dice of fortune fall in her favor? Or will the pressure of being a modern-day Venus be too much to handle? Only time will tell what happens as her fate unfolds before her. Whatever the outcome, bring on the bishounen as Yui tries to reveal who her true destiny is tied to in KAMIGAMI NO ASOBI!


Kamigami no Asobi will be available soon through select digital outlets with a home video release to follow.


Scott Green is editor and reporter for anime and manga at geek entertainment site Ain't It Cool News. Follow him on Twitter at @aicnanime.

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Fighting Comedy Hentai Kamen Returns in New Manga

Keishuu Andou to bring back Shonen Jump's panty-masked superhero in Garaku.mag in June
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